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I started reading recently about J2EE technologies and mainly EJB. Although I located quite a lot of Open Source Application Servers, I haven't seen any actual application that uses some version of EJB. Are you aware of any FOSS application that uses EJB?

It is my understanding that EJBs are mainly focused on enterprise applications and it seems reasonable not to have that many FOSS projects around. Similarly, EJB themselves don't seem to be that popular, as others have suggested here. Still, are you aware of any project that uses them successfully?

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From the EJB 3.0 in a real world open source project. Great for coding reference! thread on Sun's forums:

If you are interested in seeing EJB 3.0 implemented in a real world project (not just examples) or if you are interested in learning how to use them I suggest you to take a look a the open source project Overactive Logistics.

It has been written totally using EJB 3.0 (session and entity beans) I found it very helpful in solving several technical situations I was facing.

You can get more information at:


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Off the top of my head I don't know of any project that uses EJB, but their is an open source implementation of EJB here http://openejb.apache.org/

EJB tends to be to heavy for most projects use and they tend to lean more toward the spring framework. If you want to see a great usecase for EJBs I would recommend checking out Jboss RESTEasy. It is a great tool for web applications that need server side work to be accomplished. I can apparently only post one hyperlink to prevent spam so just google jboss resteasy.

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