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I am trying to install the following gem from the command line following the instructions: https://github.com/maxdemarzi/neography

Executing: gem 'neography'

Results in "Unknown command neography".

I have "bundle" gem installed from executing "gem install bundle".

What step am I missing? Does this have to be done for each individual project? Or is this supposed to install to environment?

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The command you're looking for is gem install neography.

To create a Gemfile for your application, you need to look into the bundler gem's Gemfile. Basically, just create a file named Gemfile in your project root with a source and your list of gems and run the command bundle install.

A Gemfile that would work for you in this case is:

# Gemfile
source 'https://rubygems.org'
gem 'neography'
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