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The best_in_place gem is used for in place editing. It works in development application, but when tested with rspec and capybara, the tests are sometimes passed and sometimes failed. I am using best_in_place text_area with 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons. The spec written is as follows.

    bip_area product, :description, "A new description" 
    click_button "Save"
    page.should have_content "A new description"

Sometimes the 'Save' button is also not recognized in rspec. Please help.


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I don't think click_button "Save" is necessary even if your field has save and cancel buttons. So what's happening is bip_area is changing the input field and telling the server even before you say click_button "Save". Therefore you have a race condition, where sometimes the Javascript run by bip_area finishes first, removing the Save button, and sometimes the click_button finishes first, doing a (noop) click.

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