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Is there a way to set a tool tip text for the close button & float button in a QDockWidget ?

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2 Answers

You can implement whatever title widget you want and set it with setTitleBarWidget(). In that widget you can add whatever buttons with tooltips you need.

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As ixSci mentioned, using setTitleBarWidget() is a potential way of solving this problem. Having said that I was looking for a much simpler solution, ideally using QSS (Qt Style Sheets). So after digging into the source code of QDockWidget I found an alternative way which suits my requirement better.

I wanted to find the place these float and close buttons are created. That is inside QDockWidgetPrivate::init() method in QDockWidget.cpp.

As for an example, the float button is created like this:

QAbstractButton *button = new QDockWidgetTitleButton(q);
QObject::connect(button, SIGNAL(clicked()), q, SLOT(_q_toggleTopLevel()));
layout->setWidgetForRole(QDockWidgetLayout::FloatButton, button);

Now all I need is to use the flexibility of Qt Style Sheets, for that I need only the Object Name, in this case it's "qt_dockwidget_floatbutton"

So all you need to do, to set tooltips for Close and Float buttons of a QDockWidget, is to add following two lines of styles in your application style sheet

QAbstractButton#qt_dockwidget_closebutton{qproperty-toolTip: "Close";}
QAbstractButton#qt_dockwidget_floatbutton{qproperty-toolTip: "Restore";}
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