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I'm trying to get stroke lines to have rounded joins. Why isn't the code below working?

See this JSFiddle.

$('body').svg({onLoad: function(svg){
    var path = svg.createPath();
        path.move( 50, 50 )
        .line( 300, 0, true )
        .line( 0, 300, true )
        .line( -300, 0, true )
            fill: 'none', 
            stroke: '#888', 
            strokeWidth: 30,
            strokeLinejoin: 'round'

According to this OReilly documentation, the style property and value I need is stroke-linejoin and round. And according to the JQuery-SVG documentation:

Additional settings that contain a dash (-) in SVG should be written in camel-case without the dash

So I can't see why it's not working.


Update: I've forked the JSFiddle here , it seems when outputting the SVG XML, it has not converted the camel-case property to one with a dash. Now just to work out how to have it correct that. The SVG XML it's outputting is:

<svg version="1.1" width="400" height="400">
    <path d="M50,50l300,0l0,300l-300,0z" fill="none" stroke="#888" stroke-width="30"
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I had to change:

strokeLinejoin: 'round'


strokeLineJoin: 'round'
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