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we are using play 2.10 lib. But views.html.index and views.html.main are not found in play 2.10 lib. where we can find those..???

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This is the basics of Play and any other MVC framework. You do not understand this but still using PLay 2.1? Start reading: – adis Feb 27 '13 at 10:22

These files will not exist unless you create them, or unless you are using a project template (or sample) that provides them for you - they're not really part of Play itself, but just examples of templates you can write.

As the previous answer says, you can create .scala.html files in the views directory inside your project root directory, and Play will compile them for you.

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That are your compiled views. When you create your templates inside the views folder, Play automaticaly compiles them using your extension as package name.

Example : views.html.index refers to views/index.scala.html

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