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I am using CodeIgniter 2.x . for authentication i am using flexi auth ( http://haseydesign.com/flexi-auth/ ). I am facing a terrible problem. On a simple ajax request i am losing session.

Controller :

$this->auth = new stdClass;

        // Load 'standard' flexi auth library by default.

        // Check user is logged in as an admin.
        // For security, admin users should always sign in via Password rather than 'Remember me'.
        if (! $this->flexi_auth->is_logged_in_via_password()) 
            // Set a custom error message.
            $this->flexi_auth->set_error_message('You must login as an admin to access this area.', TRUE);
            $this->session->set_flashdata('message', $this->flexi_auth->get_messages());

Controller Function

public function checkItemCode(){

            $getResult = $this->items_model->checkCodeAvailablity();
                if($getResult == false){
                    echo '<span style="color:#f00; margin-left:10px;">This code has been used for another item. Kindly use any other code. </span>';
            //echo '<span style="color:#f00">You can use this code!!!</span>';
        } // if
    } // checkItemCode


$(document).ready(function() {
    /// make loader hidden in start

        $.post("<?php echo base_url()?>items/checkItemCode", {
            code: $('#code').val()
        }, function(response){

            setTimeout("finishAjax('Loading', '"+escape(response)+"')", 400);
        return false;

function finishAjax(id, response){

I have done all possible options available on net like sess_update function, MY_Session lib etc etc. but no luck.

Kindly help me out.

Best Regards.

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can you please show me the code of checkCodeAvailablity() in items_model –  Azam Alvi Aug 27 '13 at 13:38

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