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in my rails app i have models like this

class Account < ActiveRecord::Base
class Account::Bonus < Account
class Account::Virtual < Account

And like this

class DiscountSystem  < ActiveRecord::Base
class DiscountSystem::MyFirst < DiscountSystem
class DiscountSystem::MySecond < DiscountSystem

Account and DiscountSystem - STI models

After that, I wish that DiscountSystem had Account, account only for DiscountSystem, and name new model Account::DiscountSystem

If I understand correctly, "DiscountSystem" for "Account" is in namespace "Account".


class Account::DiscountSystem < Account
  belongs_to :discount_system,class_name: '::DiscountSystem',:foreign_key => :owner_id


 class DiscountSystem  < ActiveRecord::Base
   has_one :account, :class_name => 'Account::DiscountSystem',:foreign_key => :owner_id

if i try in console

>> DiscountSystem::MyFirst.all
LoadError: Expected C:/.../app/models/account/discount_system.rb to define DiscountSystem
>> DiscountSystem.all
NoMethodError: undefined method `all' for DiscountSystem:Module

why? I'm probably a very misunderstood concept of namespace.

Of course, if i rename Account::DiscountSystem to Account::ForDiscountSystem, everything works well. Why name in namespace Account "rewrite" root name DiscountSystem?

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I'd suggest not using class Account::Bonus < Account but class Bonus < Account instead. You are basically repeating yourself with the Account:: prefix as it already inherits from DiscountSystem.

Then you can also drop the class_name param in the belongs_to/has_one method call.

Doing this will make your code easier to understand and is more in the spirit of Rails.

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I chose this solution because the accounts are already quite a lot - so far more than 10, because for each type of account I have to overload the methods and variables. I thought semantically correct select is not in %AccountName%, and not in the Account %AccountName%-and in naymspace Account::%AccountName% In fact, in the example Account::Bonus-This is the invented "substitutes" to the other entities of the system, who have an account. I would love for the simplicity of the code is added to the Account name of the entity, which it is,but in the "duplication" of variables comes out this error. – BigForceGun Feb 27 '13 at 16:04
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I found solution here.

Top level constant referenced by warning for Mongoid model and here


require_dependency 'account/discount_system'

class DiscountSystem  < ActiveRecord::Base
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