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What is the difference between the 2 key types in OpenSSL:



In the library the 2 are defined as:

#define EVP_PKEY_RSA    NID_rsaEncryption
#define EVP_PKEY_RSA2   NID_rsa

Further, the NIDs are defined as:

#define NID_rsaEncryption       6
#define NID_rsa             19
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Both are EVP_PKEY_RSA type then covers same rsa key pairs, but with different object identifiers used in different contexts, PKCS1 or X509 certificates.

code lines extracted from *crypto/objects/obj_dat.h*

for EVP_PKEY_RSA NID_rsaEncryption :

0x2A,0x86,0x48,0x86,0xF7,0x0D,0x01,0x01,0x01,/* [ 38] OBJ_rsaEncryption */    

which is PKCS1 RSA encryption 1.2.840.113549.1.1.1


0x55,0x08,0x01,0x01,                         /* [104] OBJ_rsa */

which is rsa encryption for X.500 defined algorithms id-ea-rsa

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