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I am trying to write a play! framework 2.1 application with ReactiveMongo, following this sample. however, with every call to the plugin, it seems that the application hangs after the operation completes, than the pluging closes and restarts, and we move on. functionality work, but i am not sure if it's not crashing and restarting along the way.


  def db = ReactiveMongoPlugin.db
  def nodesCollection = db("nodes")

  def index = Action {implicit request =>
    Async {
      Logger.debug("serving nodes list")
      implicit val nodeReader = Node.Node7BSONReader
      val query = BSONDocument(
        "$query" -> BSONDocument()
      val found = nodesCollection.find(query)   
      found.toList.map { nodes =>
        Logger.debug("returning nodes list to requester")

  def showCreationForm = Action { implicit request =>
    Ok(views.html.nodes.editNode(None, Node.nodeCredForm))

  def create = Action { implicit request =>
      errors => {
        Ok(views.html.nodes.editNode(None, errors))
      node => AsyncResult {
        Node.createNode(node._1, node._2, node._3) match { 
          case Right(myNode) => {
            nodesCollection.insert(myNode).map { _ =>
            Redirect(routes.Nodes.index).flashing("success" -> "Node Added")
        case Left(message) => {
          Future(Redirect(routes.Nodes.index).flashing("error" -> message))


[debug] application - in Node constructor
[debug] application - done inseting, redirecting to nodes page

--- (RELOAD) ---

[info] application - ReactiveMongoPlugin stops, closing connections...
[info] application - ReactiveMongo stopped. [Success(Closed)]
[info] application - ReactiveMongoPlugin starting...

what is wrong with this picture?

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Are you running play run? If that is the case, don't really worry about it since you are running dev mode. If play start gives the same result that would be worse. –  i.am.michiel Feb 27 '13 at 8:10
Try replacing def db = ReactiveMongoPlugin.db with val db = ReactiveMongoPlugin.db. –  Marius Soutier Feb 27 '13 at 10:48

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There seems nothing wrong with that picture. If you only showed me that log output I would say you would have changed a file in you play application. Which would cause the application to reload.

I guess that is not the case, so your database is probably located within your application directory, causing the application to reload on each change. Where is your database located?

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sh!t!! sh!t!!!!! thank you for this insight into my huge blindspot. it is, and i'll change it. –  Ehud Kaldor Feb 27 '13 at 16:38

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