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I m trying to enable, disabled controls by clicking edit button but I could not access it using jQuery delegate function.Here is code:

$('#table-view-task').delegate('tr:not(:first)','click', function(){
    var id = $(this).find('td:first').text();
    var task = $(this).find('td:eq(1)').text();
        html: true,
        delay: { show: 0, hide: 0 },
        title: function () {
                return '<div>'+task+'</div>';
        content: function () {
                return  '<div id="pop-container">'+
                        '<input type="text" value="'+id+'" id="txt-edit-id" disabled/>'+
                        '<input type="text" value="'+task+'" id="txt-edit-task" disabled/>'+
                        '<a href="#" class="btn" id="btn-edit-task">Edit</a>'+
                        '<a href="#" class="btn" id="btn-save-task">Save</a>'+

This prints popover properly with all html elements.How to access those elements with jquery. So how to access edit link.Here is how I m trying to do that:

$('#pop-container').delegate('a','click', function(){
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You need to cancel the default action for the links [EDIT: and listen to body instead of #pop-container]. Try

$('body').delegate('#btn-edit-task, #btn-save-task','click', function(e){

If you don't cancel the default action for the links, they'll just take you to the URLs specified by their href attributes.

Note that since .delegate() has been superseded by the .on() method for jQuery 1.7 and higher, it would be even better to do:

$('body').on('click', '#btn-edit-task, #btn-save-task', function(e) {
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still not working.I even used id as selector.Its not working in other elements like input. – tutorame Feb 28 '13 at 4:06
Sorry, that jumped out at me, but I just noticed something even more important -- the popover isn't getting appended to that table, it's getting appended to the body of your document. So you need to delegate the event handler to body, not the table. I'll edit my answer now. – Liv Feb 28 '13 at 12:15

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