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I use products in my software which licensed under

  1. LGPL
  2. MS-PL
  3. LGPL
  4. New BSD License

Is it enough to write copyrights about referenced packages in aboutbox of my app and attach license files to project distibutive?

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You need to take a look with each of the licenses what the requirements are. Normally all licenses require that you pass along the whole license text with the software.

But it must not mean that you need to put all texts directly into the about box. However I would at least put all copyright notices into the about box and name the components. Like "This software consist in part of" and then list the components, copyright notices and tell where to find the full license text (e.g. see appending XXX in the handbook) or allow the user to click a button to open the full text.

AFAIK all those licenses require this. The user of your software must be able to learn about the copyright holders and the licensing their software ships with.

Some licenses might even have more detailed requirements (that means you must read through these and look for the requirements part specifically and then find a way to fulfill it).

In short:

  • Give credits,
  • Name compontents used,
  • Offer the license texts with your software

So yes, that is normally enough. But check especially LGPL as you need also to offer sources and watch out that you keep this all compatible and with the requirements of the MS-PL - it might be that you can not distribute your software in binary or non-source form because of license incompatibilities.

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