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Working on a social app that has alot of the standard social networking features such as friend requests, private messages and comments and im in need of a real time or near real time notification system. Ive looked into GCM a bit and done a few tuts.

My question is how should my server side be structured ? what is the standard pattern when it comes to implementing a near realtime social notification system? Ive found lots of tuts that focus on just getting GCM up and running , but how a system overall should be structured is still vague. For simplicity lets use a private messaging system as a example, from what ive gathered it seems that the way it goes is:

  • User A Types message >>
  • User A hits submit >>
  • Message is sent from the client to the server to be processed by the API >>
  • Message reaches API where its processed using the sendMessage function >>
  • Inside the sendMessage function the message is validated and written to the db >>
  • Inside the sendMessage function if(message_inserted_into_db){ send notification to GCM}
  • Code is setup on the Android client side to retrieve notifications from GCM

Am I missing any other steps? Are there any other things that should trigger sending notifications? Should i use push exclusively or a combination of push and poll?

Id like to make it very clear I AM NOT CONFUSED ABOUT HOW TO IMPLEMENT GCM ON A TECHNICAL please do not post a link to the google documentation.

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Looks like you have a pretty good idea here. Have you implemented a working system yet? If not, my advice would be just to do it already. It is pretty dead simple (thanks google!) – Daniel Smith Feb 27 '13 at 7:37
Such a response has been posted here:… – Willy Sep 25 '13 at 15:31

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