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I am writing a DB based web portal that I want to push to heroku or AWS.

I am using Sinatra and Twitter Bootstrap for that , but I guess eventually I would have to use more Rails stuff in there sooner or later.

Can someone who have taken the tutorials listed in the title talk about their experience and recommendations?

My goal is to create and support this website. Its okay if I dont follow the bestest possible gem or methodology but it works fine. Its like an MVP for now and I will be fine to rewrite big part of it after few milestones.

Also refer to any specific videos you liked.


P.S: I have Java and Ruby programming experience, mostly backend systems I dont have much HTML, CSS or web development experience

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THere are no better or worse courses. Some of them for basic level, some(like rails casts) for more advanced. And if you didn't have any experience before, better start with basic like railstutorual. THen after chapter 5 better switch to learn some ruby basic things, because you won't understand anything afterwards. The other thing, is that all these tutorials wont give you experience, which you'll need to create your web portal. As for advice, start with simple blog, do not start with complex things

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I suggest you to Railscast..

RailsCasts web series are simply the definitive standard by which all other Rails screencasts are judged. If you’re new to Rails and want to quickly get something up, running, and looking pretty: check out his Twitter Bootstrap Basics episode and follow along.

RailsCasts is incredible. I don’t think you’re quite getting it. There is always a high quality video and written tutorials for free every single week. If you need to use a gem or technique in Rails, you can almost guarantee that there’s a RailsCast for it.

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