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In Jinja2 templating engine (using Flask), I want to achieve something like that:

{% reusable_block avatar(user) %}
     <img src='{{ user.avatar }}' title='{{ user.name }}'/> 
{% reusable_block %}

and then in various places:

{% for u in users %}
    {% call avatar(u) %}
{% endfor %}

However I can't find such a feature (I made up reusable_blocks for this question) in Jinja documentation. What I need is basically reusable blocks that can take parameters. Any ideas know how can I do that with Jinja2?

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You can use macros.

{% macro input(name, value='', type='text', size=20) -%}
    <input type="{{ type }}" name="{{ name }}" value="{{value|e }}" size="{{ size }}">
{%- endmacro %}

<p>{{ input('username') }}</p>
<p>{{ input('password', type='password') }}</p>

More documentation here.

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Thanks man. Saved the day. –  ahmet alp balkan Feb 27 '13 at 16:43

I think you're looking for macros

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