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this is a question on PHP mainly. I was wondering: How do you make sure that all necessary libaries are packaged with your application when you do a deployment to (production) servers?

A more concrete example: I have an app running on Zend Framework and each time I roll the application to a server the deployment process creates a fresh "installation" on that system. Therefore, I need to bundle Zend Framework together with my application and then copy the files to the right places together (it is done automatically). Currently, I am using a svn:externals definition to get the files out of Zend's SVN system during deployment, however, I don't want to rely on that SVN and I also don't want to put traffic on external SVNs with each deployment.

In the Java world, I am used to Maven which handles such stuff using central artifact repositries. I know that there is a Maven4PHP version, however, I am more looking for a PHP-based solution. Additionally, I don't believe that PEAR is a good way to go as it doesn't really fulfill my requirement of bundling the applicaiton (incl. libs) into a single deployable.

Is there some tool available already that I am not aware? Or do you have any great technique that I should know?

Thanks much for your help!


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There's a build system called Phing which is written in PHP and based on Apache Ant.

I personally can very well live with externals.

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Yeah, I know Phing! Is there an out-of-the-box task to resolve dependencies? Or is it about writing my own task? Thanks! – Michael Oct 2 '09 at 17:19
@Michael I handle dependencies with phing with a simpler approach. It may not be as robust as a dependency task probably should be, but I have a set of phing helpers that are simple build scripts designed for inclusion with the import task, in my project helper it defines a resolve-deps task that is a foreach that runs a phing task to an external build script with properties assigned that define the dependency. – Steve Buzonas Jun 21 '12 at 14:27

I think the vendor branching would solve the problem from your example quite straightforward, but if you also don't like large repositories I'd recommended to keep watching on the modern toys like composer and what it solve(and maybe phark, I never heard before :) )

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It isn't production ready yet but you might want to keep an eye on the Phark project. It is a port of Bundler to PHP.

While looking through the Simplify your external dependency management slides I came across a tool called pantr which can be used as a PEAR installer. pantr as PEAR installer which allows you to specify your dependencies in a project specific file.

The article Version Control != Dependency Management has some information about using the new PEAR installer called Pyrus

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