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Suppose my entity class implements an interface. How do i let my control class to use that interface so that the control class can instantiate that interface as an object.

Initially i would use my control class to instantiate an instance of the entity class. However, i would like to decouple them with the use of interfaces.

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Seems like the Abstract Factory design pattern can help here.

Use an interface that defines a generic entity factory. Once your control class has a factory instance (as an interface), it can invoke its createEntity() method to create specific entity instances.

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One of the ways to do this is using a static factory method to create and return the EntityInterface references. See this elementary example:

EntityInterface entity = EntityFactory.getEntity();

With the types defined like this:

class EntityFactory {
    public static EntityInterface getEntity() {
        return new Entity();

interface EntityInterface {


class Entity implements EntityInterface {

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You can use static factory method to accomplish this

Sample implementation

public class ModelFactory implements ModelInterface{

    public static ModelInterface getNewInstance() {
        return new Model();

public interface ModelInterface {


public class Model implements ModelInterface{


now in the controller class

 ModelInterface object =  ModelFactory.getNewInstance();
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