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This is an issue I've been experiencing only for the last few days; when following a link to jsfiddle, or even going to the jsfiddle homepage (on IOS 6, iPad 2), jsfiddle doesn't initialise properly, and all I see is "initialising the awesome". Even logging in and creating a fiddle doesn't work. The issue only seems to have appeared since some recent downtime which I assume they were updating jsfiddle during it. Has anyone else experienced this issue/have a fix?

NB: this occurs on both safari and chrome.

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I confirm the issue. –  m_gol Mar 2 '13 at 11:49
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Alright, I've sent an email to jsfiddle support, and I came up with this response:

We're working on that. https://github.com/jsfiddle/jsfiddle-issues/issues/330

For the moment please use draft feature or add /embedded/result to the URL.


Regards, Piotr

Hopefully this means that the issue will be fixed soon, however, in the meantime, use: (for example) http://jsfiddle.net/ (your fiddle)/embedded/result

I.e, just add /embedded/result to the end of the url as Piotr suggested.

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It is working fine now :) –  zalun Mar 5 '13 at 17:06
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