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For example I have a testing code like this:

import Data.Decimal
import Data.Ratio
import Data.Word
import Test.HUnit
import Control.Applicative

import Debug.Trace

import Test.QuickCheck
import qualified Test.QuickCheck.Property as P
import Test.Framework as TF (defaultMain, testGroup, Test)
import Test.Framework.Providers.HUnit
import Test.Framework.Providers.QuickCheck2 (testProperty)


isEQ :: (Eq a, Show a) => a -> a -> P.Result
isEQ a b = if a == b
           then P.succeeded
           else P.failed {P.reason = show a ++ "\nis not equal to \n" ++ show b}

-- | "read" is the inverse of "show".
-- > read (show n) == n
prop_readShow :: Decimal -> P.Result
prop_readShow d =  isEQ (read (show d)) d


tests = [
        testGroup "QuickCheck Data.Decimal" [
                testProperty "readShow"           prop_readShow,
                testProperty "readShowPrecision"  prop_readShowPrecision,
                testProperty "fromIntegerZero"    prop_fromIntegerZero, 


the report of test-framerowk looks like this

 dist/build/Main/Main -a2000   
QuickCheck Data.Decimal:
  readShow: [Failed]
Arguments exhausted after 0 tests
  readShowPrecision: [Failed]
Arguments exhausted after 0 tests
  fromIntegerZero: [Failed]

without any reason of the fail. The same looking HSpec tests print the fail reason in the report, but test-framework tests does not.

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It looks to me like QuickCheck is not managing to generate any acceptable arguments for the tests. Could you post your Arbitrary instance for Decimal? But then it is odd that QuickCheck manages to find a counterexample when running under HSpec. Could you post the HSpec output? –  dave4420 Feb 27 '13 at 9:38

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The likely problem here is that QuickCheck is giving up after finding too many unsuitable test cases. Raising topt_maximum_unsuitable_generated_tests will give QuickCheck more opportunities to find acceptable cases and allow the test to finish.

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That was a different issue, in fact test-framework-0.8 has a bug https://github.com/batterseapower/test-framework/issues/34 so the high values of tests count (-a parameter) lead to fail.

You just need to reduce the version of test-framework to 0.7.

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