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I have a question for image type in dicom standard. In the dicom document I found image type has five types which are :

MONOCHROME2 MPEG2 -single component data
YBR_PARTIAL_420 MPEG2 -multi-component data

If image type in dicom file is MONOCHROME1 or MONOCHROME2, Is it compress or not compress? And What are different between two type: MONOCHROME1 or MONOCHROME2? Thanks

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MONOCHROME1 indicates that the greyscale ranges from bright to dark with ascending pixel values, whereas MONOCHROME2 ranges from dark to bright with ascending pixel values.

Image compression is independent of the Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) attribute. Compression is instead given by the Transfer Syntax UID (0002,0010) attribute.

You can read more in the short DICOM introduction here.

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There are several more types of Photometric Interpretations. As Anders said, that has no relation with the Transfer syntax.

I assume you will need some additional information about Photometric Interpretation, since you will need that in order to be able to display the Dicom image.

I would suggest you to have a look here and here.

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