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I have declared a record as below TYPE pg_wad_usr_portgrp_rec IS RECORD ( user_id npe_user.user_id%TYPE, Portal_grp_name npe_portal_grp.protal_group_name%TYPE);

when am using the same value in the below procedure am getting error

PROCEDURE add_rmv_usr_portal_grp ( p_user_portal_grp IN pg_wad_usr_portgrp_tab, p_status OUT VARCHAR2 ) Begin pg_wad_usr_portgrp_rec := p_user_portal_grp;

Error : 02:34:11.795 DBMS npeproc -- PLS-00321: expression 'PG_WAD_USR_PORTGRP_REC' is inappropriate as the left hand side of an assignment statement

Please someone help on this. its urgent.

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The expression does not designate a variable that can have a value assigned to it. For example, the function SYSDATE cannot appear on the left hand side of an assignment statement

TYPE pg_wad_usr_portgrp_rec IS RECORD ( user_id npe_user.user_id%TYPE) pg_wad_usr_portgrp_data pg_wad_usr_portgrp_rec;

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