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In my application, I want to show the slot of days for a single month. For example today is 27th Feb. Here

I want to generate slots from

[ 24 Febuary - 02 March]
[ 03 March - 09 March]
[ 10 March - 16 March]
[ 17 March - 23 March]
[ 24 March - 30 March]

Now its five slots. So according to todays date I want to put all this inside any array. I am not getting the way to resolve it.

enter image description here

Thanks in advance.

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date_current = Date.current do |n|
  date = (date_current+ (n*7).days)
  [date.at_beginning_of_week, date.at_end_of_week]
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Thanks a lot ... – Rubyist Feb 27 '13 at 9:31

I just made a lit change because I need start of week from Sunday.

enter image description here

date_current = Date.current do |n|
  date = (date_current+ (n*7).days)

subtraction of one day from beginning of week and end of week.

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