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Snapshot of Crystal Report

my detailsection2 is default suppressed,
I want to unsuppress DetailSection2 only when page reaches to an end then again supress on next page and unsuppress DetailSection3 on last record.

I've managed unsupress DetailSection3 By adding the below formula
(Placed in Supress(No Drill-Down)'s Formula Field)
if OnLastRecord then false else true

So Output Will Look Like
------------------Page 1-----------------------
Name | Amount
AB11 | 1200
AB11 | 1200
-----------------Page 1------------------------
-----------------Page 2------------------------
Name | Amount
AB11 | 1200
AB11 | 1200
Gtotal : 4800
-----------------Page 2------------------------

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  • Move text field (that reads 'continued') to page-footer; add suppression formula for section that reads OnLastRecord.
  • Move grand total to report-footer section
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This won`t work in subreport because pageFotter will be converted into reportFooter. – Vinay Kharecha Mar 6 '13 at 6:35

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