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I do not understand why the following program segfaults with a SIGSEGV if the bar field is present in containerType, and works without problems if it is commented out. I'm on x86_64, compiling with both gfortran-4.4.6 and gfortran-4.6.3.

As I understand it, using a pointer to containerType should force the allocation of the contained big array to happen on the heap but that doesn't seem to be the case. Running valgrind on the executable gives me

Warning: client switching stacks?  SP change: 0x7ff000448 --> 0x7fe0603f8
         to suppress, use: --max-stackframe=16384080 or greater

(The rest of the output is IMHO not relevant, but I could edit it in if required). This indicates to me that there's a stack overflow; presumably due to allocating the 8*8*8*4000 * 8(bytes per real) = 16384000 bytes on the stack.

When I comment out the bar field, valgrind is perfectly happy. To make matters even stranger, compiling under gfortran-4.6.3 with '-O' also makes the problem go away (but not under gfortran-4.4.6).

Either I've stumbled on a compiler bug, or (more likely, as I'm pretty new to Fortran) I don't understand where data is allocated. Could someone enlighten me what's going on?

The code in question:


program main 

    use problematicArray
    implicit none    
    type (containerType),pointer :: container

    container%foo%arrayData = 17.0
    write(*,*) container%foo%arrayData(7,7,7,100)
    write(*,*) 'Program finished'

end program main


module problematicArray
    implicit none

    integer, parameter, public :: dim1 = 4000 

    type, public :: typeWith4DArray
        real(8), dimension(8,8,8,dim1) ::  arrayData 
    end type typeWith4DArray

    type :: typeWithChars
        character(4), dimension(:), allocatable :: charData
    end type typeWithChars

    type, public :: containerType
        type(typeWith4DArray) :: foo
        type(typeWithChars) :: bar
    end type containerType

end module problematicArray
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This must be a bug in gfortran. I do not see anything wrong there. It also works in Intel and Oracle compilers. Best to report it to gfortran developers. I tried it with only a 2 days old build of the gfortran 4.8 trunk.

The error has nothing to do with stack/heap difference. It simply crashes during the allocate statement. It does not even work with stat= and errmsg= set.

Just a note, you can have the module and the main program inside a single source file.

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I reported the possible issue as gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=56471 –  Vladimir F Feb 27 '13 at 10:19
Thanks for verifying this a bug, saving my sanity, and for filing the bug report - I don't know the proper channels, so this is much appreciated. I'll work around the bug for now (by introducing a couple of POINTERs here and there). –  yatima2975 Mar 3 '13 at 15:16

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