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Having this route:

map.foo 'foo/*path', :controller => 'foo', :action => 'index'

I have the following results for the link_to call

link_to "Foo", :controller => 'foo', :path => 'bar/baz'
# <a href="/foo/bar%2Fbaz">Foo</a>

Calling url_for or foo_url directly, even with :escape => false, give me the same url:

foo_url(:path => 'bar/baz', :escape => false, :only_path => true)
# /foo/bar%2Fbaz

I want the resulting url to be: /foo/bar/baz

Is there a way around this without patching rails?

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oops turns out rubyonrails is not the best tag for that, apologies. –  Matt Rogish Sep 29 '08 at 22:54

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Instead of passing path a string, give it an array.

link_to "Foo", :controller => 'foo', :path => %w(bar baz)
# <a href="/foo/bar/baz">Foo</a>

If you didn't have the route in your routes file, this same link_to would instead create this:

# <a href="/foo?path[]=bar&path[]=baz">Foo</a>

The only place I could find this documented is in this ticket.

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Any reason why you're needing to generate the URL with that path though?

It would be cleaner to just define an extra route to cover that URL.

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Please use the comment feature for clarifications and such ;-) –  webmat Sep 30 '08 at 0:49

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