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In the following script I attempt to move through the DOM Tree but I do not get the output I expect.

There is only a small piece of html in this :

<p id="para">This is inside the <em>p</em> tag.</p>

As I move through the tree this is what I get :

Node Name : P
Node Type : 1
Node Value : null

Node Name : HTML
Node Type : 1
Node Value : null


    <p id="para">This is inside the <em>p</em> tag.</p>

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function nodeStatus(node) {
            document.write("Node Name : " + node.nodeName + "<br />");
            document.write("Node Type : " + node.nodeType + "<br / >");
            document.write("Node Value : " + node.nodeValue + "<br / >");
            document.write("<br / > <br / >");
        var curElement = document.getElementById("para");
        nodeStatus(curElement); // p tag
        curElement = document.firstChild; // This is inside the 
        curElement = document.nextSibling; // em tag
        curElement = document.firstChild; // p

Why don't I get the value from the text-node ?

And what is that HTML that I get as a node name ? I haven't named any node as HTML.

jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/HmkJQ/

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Of course you have a <html> node. Have a look at the top of your document! – Bergi Feb 27 '13 at 9:47
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What you are doing is starting over from the top-level document in each line of code. You start out with:

var curElement = document.getElementById("para");

And you get the p element as expected. But then you try to get the child of the p element, but using this code

curElement = document.firstChild;

what you get is the first child of the document itself (and that means the root html element!).

Instead, you should navigate as follows:

curElement = curElement.firstChild;

Give it a try.

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The node of NodeName HTML is the <html> element, ie document.firstChild. You're not getting any text nodes because you're iterating through HTML elements, ie DOM element nodes. A bit more on this on MDN.

Your code itself deals with a variable called curElement, which suggests you're expecting these to be element nodes and not their contents.

To get nodes that sit within element nodes, you might want to grab the childNodes of any given curElement.

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