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I need to build a collaboration system for a company which have the following specification:-

  1. 55 internal users (employees).

  2. 85 external users (clients).

  3. We need one instance of SharePoint server

  4. we already have licensed windows server 2008 + SQL server 2008.

So generally speaking what will the cost range be if i decide to buy SharePoint 2013 and if i decide to buy SiteCore ?

Thanks in advance

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Ruud van Falier is absolutely correct in what he is saying.

From what I understand from your question, my suggestion is to go for SharePoint as your requirement is Collaboration system and not Website Content Management System.

Eventhough I am a huge fan of Sitecore, after working on both the Sitecore and SharePoint my suggestion would be SharePoint as it has lot more functionality for your requirement which you need not redevelop. Why re-invent the wheel!

Hope this helps.

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You are comparing apples and oranges; I see Sitecore as a web application framework and web content management system whereas SharePoint is much more a collaboration suite and document management system.

If you buy Sitecore, you will get an empty framework and you still need to develop a web application. So if you say you need a collaboration system, you will basically need to build it first if you choose Sitecore.

I think you want to choose SharePoint in your case. It will also require configuration and development to get it to match your needs, but it will come with a lot more out-of-the-box functionality for collaboration.

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thanks for your reply, i know that SharePoint will satisfy my project requirement more. But at the end i am trying to compare the cost of both applications; so it maybe feasible for example to choose sitecore and build the missing parts to have some features which SharePoint provide “out of the box”. i am saying so in case the cost vary much. –  john G Feb 27 '13 at 9:55
I expect the basic license (one server, enterprise edition) will cost you around € 30.000,- because you have so many users. But I strongly advice you to contact their sales department and ask for a quote because the price is usually tailor-made for your specific needs (it depends on a lot of factors) –  Ruud van Falier Feb 27 '13 at 10:05
thanks for the reply, you are saying that sharepoint will cost around 30.000 , then any idea about the cost range for sitecore, will it cost half the price for exmaple? –  john G Feb 27 '13 at 10:21
I think he is refering to the Sitecore license. I think the Sitecore license price, is very much dependant on the number of webservers involved and the number of concurrent users in Sitecore. If your users don't need to log in to Sitecore to use the site, (ie you make it so uploading files, writing comments etc. can be done on the frontend), then your price will be lower. But talk to Sitecore and get a price and add some time/money to developing the site. –  Holger Feb 27 '13 at 10:42
I was indeed referring to the Sitecore license. As Holger mentions, it depends on a lot of factors and that's also the reason why they don't mention a fixed price on their website. You need to contact their sales department so they can calculate a quotation specifically for your needs. –  Ruud van Falier Feb 27 '13 at 11:28

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