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What I'm searching for is a command similar to:

gvim --remote-silent FILE

But without the FILE part. So basically: launch a new GVim instance if none exists, and otherwise activate/focus the existing window. I prefer not to use a dummy file (eg. gvim --remote-silent ~/.vimrc) as that would mess up my bufferlist/MRU.

The reason I'm looking for something like this, is that I'd like to configure a shortcut for GVim (Mod+8) to use in the Linux XFCE window manager.

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You can re-activate an existing GVIM instance with

$ gvim --remote-send ":call foreground()<CR>"

That fails when there's no existing server. In that case, just spawn a fresh instance, or check beforehand with gvim --serverlist.

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Cool, this seems to work: [ -z `gvim --serverlist` ] && gvim || gvim --remote-send ":sil call foreground()<CR>" –  Daan Bakker Feb 27 '13 at 10:55

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