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I am new to BO, I need to find universe name and the corresponding metadata information like(Table name, column names, join conditions etc...). I am unable to find proper way to start. I looked with Data Access SDK, Semantic SDk. Can any one please provide me the sample code or procedure for starting.. I googled a lot but i am unable to find any sample examples I looked into this link but that code will work only on R2 Server.


Help is Highly Apprecitated.....

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Are you looking for this information by report or you know the universe and just need a list of this information? –  shrub34 Mar 12 '13 at 15:38
I want to know Universal releated metadata like What tables used, joins, conditions etc etc... –  Navyah Mar 15 '13 at 9:03

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To get the information you are after will require a 2 part solution. Part 1 use the Rebean SDK looking at WebI reports for the Universe and object names being used with in it.

Part 2 is to break out your favorite COM programming tool, since I try to avoid COM I use the Excel Macro editor, and access the BusinessObjects Designer library. Main code snippets that I currently have are:

Dim boUniv As Designer.Universe
Dim tbl As Designer.Table
For Each tbl In boUniv.Tables
  Debug.Print tbl.Name
Next tbl

This prints all of the tables in a universe.

You will need to combine the 2 parts on your own for a dependency list between WebI reports and Universes.

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Assuming you're talking about IDT based universes, you'll need to code some Java. The JavaDoc for the API is available here.

In a nutshell, you do something like this:

SlContext context = SlContext.create() ;
LocalResourceService service = context.getService(LocalResourceService.class) ;
String blxFile = service.retrieve("universe.unx","output directory") ;
RelationalBusinessLayer businessLayer = (RelationalBusinessLayer)service.load(blxFile);
RootFolder rootFolder  = businessLayer.getRootFolder() ;

Once you have a hook on the rootFolder, you can use the getChildren() method to drill into the folder structure and access the various subfolders/business objects available.

You may also want to check the CmsResourceService class to access universes stored on the repository.

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