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I mean I have created Backbone.View.Extend and Backbone.Model.Extend. But I havent done the coding for Backbone.Controller.Extend So where exactly does the code for controller come from?

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Have you even read the Backbone documentation? There is no such thing as Backbone.Controller. – nEEbz Feb 27 '13 at 10:51
I know which is why I am wondering how the controller logic comes into the mvc pattern – sly_Chandan Feb 27 '13 at 10:54
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How Backbone is different from traditional concept of Model-View-Controller:

Different implementations of the Model-View-Controller pattern tend to disagree about the definition of a controller. If it helps any, in Backbone, the View class can also be thought of as a kind of controller, dispatching events that originate from the UI, with the HTML template serving as the true view. We call it a View because it represents a logical chunk of UI, responsible for the contents of a single DOM element.

Comparing the overall structure of Backbone to a server-side MVC framework like Rails, the pieces line up like so:

Backbone.Model – Like a Rails model minus the class methods. Wraps a row of data in business logic.

Backbone.Collection – A group of models on the client-side, with sorting/filtering/aggregation logic.

Backbone.Router – Rails routes.rb + Rails controller actions. Maps URLs to functions.

Backbone.View – A logical, re-usable piece of UI. Often, but not always, associated with a model. Client-side Templates – Rails .html.erb views, rendering a chunk of HTML.


So basically you could add your controller either in your routes or split it between Model and/or View. Backbone is pretty flexible in this regard and it's up to you have you want to structure your code.

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Here is the controller for Backbone.

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