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I've a little question about page perms that facebook returns when querying for user's pages. The returned data looks like that :

array(5) {

  string(9) "Community"
  string(51) "Sample name 1"
  string(15) "1234567891234567"
  array(6) {
    string(10) "ADMINISTER"
    string(12) "EDIT_PROFILE"
    string(14) "CREATE_CONTENT"
    string(16) "MODERATE_CONTENT"
    string(10) "CREATE_ADS"
    string(11) "BASIC_ADMIN"

My question is this : If I get the correct token, can I create an event as a page with a user that only have one of those perms listed above with a page token that contains a "create_event" authorization ?

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