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I built(using a tutorial) my CMS in a sub directory on my server and it worked fine. Admin, Archive, full display and synopsis.

I then moved all of this into my main directory, changed the index.php filename to another and used 'include' to display it within a DIV of another page.

It displays the main index.php element of the page but doesn't return articles when they are clicked.

I have searched through the files to change any instances of 'index.php' in the code but there are none. All admin functions working perfectly and the output URL onclick of blog entry is the same as the previous files in the previous directory. Of course without formatting but that is no problem.

In what part did I make a mistake? I would like to avoid using an iframe to resolve this issue.

The code that the index.php file is including. (homepage.php)

<?php include "templates/include/header.php" ?>

  <ul id="headlines">

<?php foreach ( $results['articles'] as $article ) { ?>

        <span class="pubDate"><?php echo date('j F', $article->publicationDate)?></span><a href=".?action=viewArticle&amp;articleId=<?php echo $article->id?>"><?php echo htmlspecialchars( $article->title )?></a>
        <p class="summary">
        <?php if ( $imagePath = $article->getImagePath( IMG_TYPE_THUMB ) ) { ?>
          <a href=".?action=viewArticle&amp;articleId=<?php echo $article->id?>"><img class="articleImageThumb" src="<?php echo $imagePath?>" alt="Article Thumbnail" /></a>
        <?php } ?>
      <?php echo htmlspecialchars( $article->summary )?>

<?php } ?>


  <p><a href="./?action=archive">Archivo de Articulos</a></p>

<?php include "templates/include/footer.php" ?>
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Some examples of code would be required to help with this, without that we will be guessing at a whole range of things, which wouldn't be useful for you! – j5Dev Feb 27 '13 at 11:09
Ok there is quite a lot though. Which page would be having the most effect on this? So I can begin with that – Adam Brown Feb 27 '13 at 11:13
Download Firebug, and use the "net" tab, to see what's being loaded in the page and what is failing. Doing this will allow you to track down what the pages are really linking to / requesting. Firebug is an extension / add on for the Firefox browser. – Michael Giovanni Pumo Feb 27 '13 at 11:50
@MichaelGiovanniPumo I'm receiving a couple of 404's on some images(not a problem) and then the GET ?action of the file is 200 OK in one log and another is 304 not modified. The response on this is the the index.html, why would it call this? Its completely disconnected. – Adam Brown Feb 27 '13 at 12:06
Also, using the php file included in the DIV outside as a normal php page is not returning the articles. Despite the fact they are there and the direction is the same. Could this have something to do with the Database? – Adam Brown Feb 27 '13 at 12:10

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