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I have a particular paragraph like this :

Hi. This is so [abc="12"]awesome[/abc] that everytime I post a [abc="456"]question[/abc] at stack, it gets [answered] within the next 5 [abc="53"]minutes[/abc].

I want to remove all the abc tags between (and including) [] using regex. I don't want to remove JUST anything between [] because that would also remove [answered] which isnt an abc tag.

Basically, remove everything between [ and ] when it also contains the text abc.

I have been able to get to

<%=movieProduct.getSynopsis().replaceAll("[.*] *", "") %>

but it doesnt work, plus I dont know how to search for abc.

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\[/?abc.*?]|\[|\] will match all brackets and abc tags with the result of Hi. This is so awesome that everytime I post a question at stack, it gets answered within the next 5 minutes. –  Ameoo Feb 27 '13 at 11:40

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This should work to select all required tags :


demo :


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You can try

replaceAll("\\[abc.*?\\].*?\\[\\/abc\\]", "")

to erase everything between the tags. Don't forget to escape special characters using \ when working with regexes.

If you want to keep the text inside the tags, you can use

replaceAll("\\[abc.*?\\](.*?)\\[\\/abc\\]", "$1")
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Try following regex:


or alternatively

movieProduct.getSynopsis().replaceAll("[[]abc.+?[]](.+?)[[]/abc[]]", "$1");
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