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Have simple problem. I want to change some field value for my User.find(1) in rails console. I try:

u = User.find(1)
u.update_attributes(roles_mask: 3)

And get false return. When I check u.errors.full_messages I see that it's because there are problem with password validation from has_secure_password. How can I update it manually in console?

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if you want to bypass validation, use

# skip validations but run callbacks
u.update_attribute :roles_mask, 3


# do the update on the sql so no validation and callback is executed
u.update_column :roles_mask, 3
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For completeness sake, in Rails 4 you can use u.update_attributes(roles_mask: 3, password: 'password') but you need to know the password to set multiple params at once. – Alf Jul 31 '14 at 16:59

You have to authenticate the user first then you can update the user have a look here

u = User.find(1)
u.update_attributes(roles_mask: 3)

Or if you want to skip the validations you can do as follow;

u = User.find(1)
u.update_attribute :roles_mask, 3
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You can try update_attribute(:roles_mask, 3) or update_column(:roles_mask, 3).

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You can have something like this

Post.find(1).comments.first.update(body: "hello")


@u = Post.find(1)
@u.comments.first.update(body: "hello")

where comments is the name of the comment table, body is the name of column in the comment table.

This applies when you have nested attribute


has_many: comments
accept_nested_attributes_for: comment


belongs_to: post
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