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How do you (or even can you) amend the expected HTTP status codes in a Visual Studio Web Performance Test?

I'm checking some new bits of a clients site, so using some Visual Studio Web Performance Tests to drive the pages.

Run the tests and the expected actions occur on the server ... BUT the tests are failing

The reason is there are a few hidden links to some missing GIF files, which are returning a 404 status

I can't get the client to add the files, but I don't want to check the various tests each time to check whether the "fail" is one of the expected 404's, or a real fail

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Is your question answered? If not then what else is wanted? – AdrianHHH Jan 1 '14 at 10:43

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In the properties of the request you can change "Expected HTTP Status Code" to the expected (Int32) Http Status Code.

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Instead of expecting a different status code you can write a web test plugin that removes dependant requests. Basically the plugin scans the dependant requests and any that match some criteria are removed. I have done this on a few performance test projects to avoid getting test failures for things that I know would fail every test. Of course your test report should describe the missing files. See also See

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