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I am using MVC and MVVM for my zk framework 6.5 application. Now i want to create and maintain a session in my application but i wasn't find a good example how to create and maintain the session in zk without using spring security.

I have a login page, I know I can get the userName and password and move the user to home page. But that's not what i want. I want to create and maintain a session here and also add user related data in the session so that i can use that in the application anywhere.

I read the following guides
Implementing ZK MVC
Managing Credentials using ZK Sessions

But i wasn't able to get my concepts straight here.

It would be helpful if you give me some example using actual code.

Currently I have login page and on it's submit buttons with empty fields i am just redirecting the user to home page.

A MVC pattern would be great. I have read zk mvc and UserCredentialManager docs. But i am not sure, how to use this information.

Please also share best practices for zk and design without spring security.

Looking forward to hear a solution from you.

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If you are just looking to store information in a user's session, this is easy with ZK:

Session session = Sessions.getCurrent();
session.setAttribute("my_stored_data", myStoredData);


Session session = Sessions.getCurrent();
Object myStoredData = session.getAttribute("my_stored_data");

The Session automatically exists for every user and is maintained by ZK for you.

Hope that helps.

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