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I have a code like -

        // use streaming to increase index throughput
            // define solr endpoint and options
                    + getSolrEndPoint()
                    + "?defaultMaxConnectionsPerHost=500&streamingThreadCount=500&maxRetries=3")
            .log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "Successfully indexed document id [" +header(BatchHeaders.DOCUMENT_ID) +"]")
            // end this route

But what I m getting in the log is -

severity="INFO " thread="Camel (camel-1) thread #123 - seda://insert" category="route2" Successfully indexed document id [header{DOC_ID}]

I m not getting the actual header value (the document id).
So my question is - How to access the headers in Java DSL here?

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The log in the DSL uses the simple language:

So you need to do it like this

.log(LoggingLevel.INFO, "Successfully indexed document id [${header." + BatchHeaders.DOCUMENT_ID + "}]")

eg the ${} is evaluated at runtime by the simple language.

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Thanks again Claus Ibsen! I will go through the documentation as well! – Rishi Feb 28 '13 at 4:48

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