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I am working on automating a web application.

I have many pages like login page etc. and I have many tabs. Each tab will open different page, for example, if I want to open page3, I have to go through page1 first then page2.

Here my problem is If I want to test some functionality on page3, then I have to go through all pages. It is taking so much time to test single functionality I need to spend so much time.

Is there any way I can set already opened browser as Selenium WebDriver?

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Unfortunately, no.

This is the most starred feature request on Selenium as of now (February 2013, current Selenium 2.30.0). It's also one of the oldest.


There has been some work on Firefox for this, but it's undocumented, very experimental and no changes have been seen on it for quite a while. For more information, look at the linked feature request.

Front-end automation is hard, Selenium can only do what a normal user could do. The best you can do is to run the tests in parallel on many remote machines.

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No... It is not possible....

In order to reduce the manual execution, we are moving towards automation.

Inbetween you cannot automate.

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