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Backbone.LocalStorage stores a list of players client-side when calling create on a players collection, but the stored models are not being fetched later, even though I can inspect them in localStorage. I can call @collections.players.localStorage.findAll() to retrieve all the stored objects and manually push them onto my collection.

class App.Models.Player extends Backbone.Model
        name: 'Unnamed'
        team: 'Unassigned'

class App.Collections.Players extends Backbone.Collection
    localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage('players')
    model: App.Models.Player

class App.ViewModels.Game extends kb.ViewModel

    constructor: ->
        @collections =
            players: new App.Collections.Players()

            success: (collection) =>

                console.log(collection) # shows none
                    # shows all the stored players

        # @players below is rendered by a foreach in a knockout template
        @players = kb.collectionObservable @collections.players, { view_model: App.ViewModels.Player }

    addPlayer: -> # called when a button is pressed
        @collections.players.create(new App.Models.Player({ name: 'New Player' }))

Why is Knockback unable to fetch the stored entities automatically?

The following call manually retrieves all objects:

_.each @collections.players.localStorage.findAll(), (elem) =>
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