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I am trying to make a kernel module which is working on 2.6.32 kernel to work on 3.6 kernel. We use IOCTL calls to update structures in Linux Kernel Module. These calls are working fine in 2.6.32 kernel.

When I try the same in 3.6 kernel I am facing kernel hang whenever ioctl calls are made from user-space application. Its a socket based interface not a file based interface hence we use the ioctl under struct proto_ops.

How can I debug this scenario as there is no core dump generated. To copy data from userspace I am using copy_from_user command.

Any pointers for debugging this scenario would be very helpful

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Is there anything special in the system log after the system hangs? A hang may be a sign of a kernel oops or panic among other things. Have you tried to output the system log via a serial console to get it reliably even if the kernel crashes? Also, if you can post the relevant portions of the code here, this could help to find out what has gone wrong. –  Eugene Feb 27 '13 at 18:14

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