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I am building a desktop Java application. It uses a third party framework for some low level work (it is in C and I have used JNA).

On my Windows Machine, when I do Native.loadLibrary("EDSDK.dll", EdSdkLibrary.class, options); it works perfectly well. On Mac when I try to do Native.loadLibrary("EDSDK.framework", EdSdkLibrary.class, options); it threw UnsatisfiedLinkError saying: mach-o, but wrong architecture

My java 7 version is 64 bit and the framework is 32 bit based. On a different mac containing Java6, when I ran Java in 32 bit mode, the application works well. This confirms the exception thrown was because of 32 bit incompatibility and I need to use 32 bit only(which is obvious).

This is the irritating part- In Java 7, -d32 option doesn't work and Oracle no longer gives Java 7 in 32 bit. How do I run my Java 7 in 32 bit so that I can use the third party framework? Open JDK? Or use Java 6 and use it in 32 bit mode. But Oracle no longer provides Java 6 for Mac.

Any other alternative??

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You can download the Apple Java 6 JDK, which does include a 32 bit JVM. But I doubt there will be much in the way of future security updates for Java 6, so you would be better off getting hold of a 64 bit version of the native framework and using that with Oracle Java 7.

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