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How to import contacts from iCloud using a iCloud API or any other method which use PHP as server side language. I know there iCloud support cardDav through which we can import iCloud contacts but how? it still a question for me

If any one have an idea it will be very helpful

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I find a link to get calDAV and cardDav url which would be helpful in accomplishing the task I am exploring the ways I can do some trick to import the contacts… – Sandeep Garg Feb 28 '13 at 11:51
try this for above download //CardDAV URL $card_request="<A:propfind xmlns:A='DAV:'> <A:prop> <A:allprop/> </A:prop> </A:propfind>"; $cardserver = str_replace('caldav', 'contacts', $_POST['server']); $cardurl = $cardserver."/".$userID."/carddavhome/card/"; $response=simplexml_load_string(doRequest($user, $pw, $cardurl, $card_request)); echo "<pre>"; var_dump($response); echo "</pre>"; – Sandeep Garg Feb 28 '13 at 12:06
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iCloud support cardDAV client/server protocol through which we can make a request to iCloud server and get the saved contacts from iCloud.

To implement cardDAV client/server protocol one need to use third party API and there is very useful and easy to use API available to accomplished this task using Roundcube-CardDAV you can download this library using this link.

To use Roundcube-CardDAV you need to use PEAR.php file.

RoundCube-CardDAV returns contacts in Vcard format so need to parse it also which can be done using Contact_Vcard_Parse class found by here.

You also need iCloud server on which you would make request so it is where p01 is server number goes further like p02,p03,p04...p06 etc

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You don't need the specific iCloud server, you can just use w/o any prefix. To discover the DAV collection which hosts your address book, use 'curl -u "$LOGIN" -H "Content-Type: text/xml" -H "Depth: 0" -X PROPFIND --data "<propfind xmlns='DAV:'><prop><current-user-principal/></prop></propfind>" '. This gives you back the principal URL (representing the account), which you can then use to find the address book (ask the URL you got for the 'addressbook-home-set' CardDAV property) – hnh May 20 '14 at 11:55

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