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Currently my test-ultrawingrid is populated with around 1000 rows. When I scroll all the way to the bottom (using the vertical scrollbar), the ultrawingrid stops when the last row reaches the top of the grid, not the bottom. In other words - when I scroll down as far as I can, the last row appears right at the very top of the grid, leaving the rest of the grid blank.

How can I set the grid to stop scrolling-down once the final row enters the bottom of the grid (not reaches the top)?

(I hope this is a clear enough question - as it was a little hard to articulate!)

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You're looking for the ScrollBounds property on the grid's DisplayLayout.

By default, this is set to ScrollToLastItem, you desire ScrollToFill.

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Thanks roken, much appreciated! – Brian Butterfield Feb 27 '13 at 15:49

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