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I have this daily image rotation script, which works great. I need the images to be clickable though. Any help is appreciated.

<!-- Begin
today = new Date();
day = today.getDay();
arday = new Array

document.write("<img src='" + arday[day] + "'>");
//  End -->
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Don't put <!-- and --> around your scripts –  Ms2ger Oct 2 '09 at 19:52
the usual hack is to put <!-- --> inside the script tags to hide it from browser that don't understand js, but 99% of them do by now I think :D –  Gordon Gustafson Oct 2 '09 at 19:59

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Why don't write an <a> element as well?

document.write('<a href="LINK_HERE" title="TITLE_HERE"><img src="' + arday[day] + '"><\/a>');
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Clickable to where?? You've got to add a url to each "row" in addition to the img src.

Eg instead of each row being just "http://www.magnatexpumps.com/imagesnew/featured/featuredProduct_3575.jpg", do instead:

{ img: "http://www.magnatexpumps.com/imagesnew/featured/featuredProduct_3575.jpg",
  url: "LINK GOES HERE" },

Then the last line can do:

document.write('<a href="' + arday[day].url + '"><img src="' + arday[day].img + '" /></a>');
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I want to thank everybody that helped. I was able to make it work and I don't do programming so that says something :o) Here it is in action: magnatexpumps.com/index.html a script that changes images every day at midnight and is also clickable. Thank you very much. –  Barbara Oct 2 '09 at 22:37

The example below creates a link around your image, hjust change the href attribute's value :

document.write("<a href='#'><img src='" + arday[day] + "' border='0'></a>");
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Few general tips:

  • Always declare your variables (var today = ..., not just today = ...)
  • Drop new Array in favor of more concise (and just as compatible these days) "[" and "]" syntax.
  • Don't repeat host name in array of links. It's a maintenance nightmare and a waste of bandwidth.
  • Drop HTML comments from within your script contents. Browsers that need them are obsolete by now.
  • Always provide "alt" attribute on your images. When you wrap them with anchor, don't forget to give title to anchor.
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