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I am using OpenCV 2.3.1.

I have a cv::Mat image and I would like to apply a smoothing filter. Unfortunately, all I code find was

void cvSmooth(const CvArr* src, CvArr* dst, int smoothtype=CV_GAUSSIAN, int size1=3, int size2=0, double sigma1=0, double sigma2=0 );

which uses CvArr instead of cv::Mat. I could not find an explanation about how to convert between cv::Mat and CvArr.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

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First you load you image as you want, for me I used :

image = cvLoadImage("6mtEy.jpg");

As far as I know if you want to use this function your gona need to convert your Mat into a cvArr (IplImage in my code) :

IplImage tmp = image;

Then you create your destination image with the same size etc as your first picture :

IplImage *dst;
dst = cvCreateImage(cvSize(tmp.width, tmp.height), tmp.depth, tmp.nChannels);

Then you use your function :

cvSmooth(&tmp, dst, CV_GAUSSIAN, 1);

And finally you put the result back in a mat :

image = dst;

After don't forget to destroy the IplImages you created.

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As stated in the docs:

Note: The function is now obsolete. Use GaussianBlur(), blur(), medianBlur() or bilateralFilter().

For all these functions, C++ interfaces exist, e.g.:

void GaussianBlur(InputArray src, OutputArray dst, Size ksize, double sigmaX, double sigmaY=0, int borderType=BORDER_DEFAULT )
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