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Jenkins won't execute any jobs. Having viewed this question, I have disabled all slave nodes but a simple job won't even run on the Master node.

What is wrong?

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The Jenkins admin console can run, even with the Master node offline. This can happen when Jenkins runs out of disk space.

To confirm, do the following (with thanks to this post):

  • go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes
  • examine the "master" node to see if it is offline. It may be reporting that the master node is out of disk space.
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Similar problem happened to me. The problem was I ran multiple jobs and my number of executers were 2 (default). So the other jobs went to waiting state. I increased the number of executers, after that it is working fine –  Amal G Jose Jun 12 at 6:04

I ran into a similar problem because my master was set to "Leave this machine for tied jobs only." So, even though I disabled the Slave, Jenkins kept on bypassing the Master, looking for something else.

Go to Jenkins --> Manage Jenkins --> Manage Nodes, and click on the configure button of your master node (looks like a screwdriver and a wrench). Check the Usage and make sure it's on "Utilize this slave as much as possible."

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