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I need help in solving the problem of catching an exception like AuthenticationFailedException.

Generally I want to catching any exception thrown by a camel mail component and then handle exception in some way e.g show the cause of exception to user.

I would like to use ConsumerTemplate to validate camel endpoint :

String imap = "imaps://imap.gmail.com:993?username=programmer*@gmail.com&password=**&unseen=false&delete=true&consumer.delay=5000";

Exchange ex = consumerTemplate.receiveNoWait (imap);

Is it possible to find the cause of failure using consumerTemplate?

thanks for any help

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Have you ever found a solution for this? I'm facing the exact same situation: I want to catch the same AuthenticationFailedException exception –  biliboc Aug 5 at 5:33

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Yes if there is any exception thrown, then you can get that from the exchange, using

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Ok , agree with you . But my junit test tell something different : If I use : Exchange exchange = consumerTemplate.receive(imap, 6000); or receiveNoWait unit test give me exchange = null. When I use right endpoint or endpoint with wrong password , then on console I can see the real problem in this case - Invalid credentials (Failure) . Any ideas ? –  przodownikPracy Mar 5 '13 at 10:39

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