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These are the contents of my datatable dtAllData.

 column_1  column_2  column_3    
 --------  --------  --------  
 sec_1       Test1        2
 sec_1       Result1      5
 sec_1       Unit1        2 
 sec_2       Test2        2           
 sec_2       Result2      2
 sec_2       Unit2        5
 sec_3       Test3        2 
 sec_3       Result3      2     
 sec_3       Unit3        2     

I need to split it into multiple datatables on the basis of contents in column column_1.

So in this case I'm supposed to get 3 tables (one having all rows with sec_1, other with sec_2 & another with sec_3).

I tried this:

var dtArray = dtAllData.AsEnumerable() 
                            .GroupBy(row => new
                                column_1 = (string)row["column_1"]
DataTable[] array = new DataTable[dtArray.Count()];

How can I get tables in array from dtArray?

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What is purpose of that split? In ASA/ASE databases (Sybase products) replication based on some column is possible. Im not SQLServer specialisty, but maybe SqlServer have similar functionality? – Kamil Feb 27 '13 at 13:30
You write I need to split it into multiple datatables after I'm supposed to get 3 tables you want to split in multiple database or tables ? Why you want to group ? You simply filter table by where clausole – Max Feb 27 '13 at 13:31
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Using CopyToDataTable() method to get the data into a new DataTable.

var Result =  from x in dtAllData.AsEnumerable()
              where x.Field<string>("column_1") == "sec_1"
              select x;
DataTable t1 = Result.CopyToDataTable();

Another way is using LoadDataRow() method. Here is an example

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If you know the exact names of column_1 you can use .Select .Select("column_1 = sec_1")etc. or use a DataView

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Modifying Kaf's solution, I achieved what I wanted as:

var uniqueList = dtAllData.AsEnumerable().Select(x=> x.Field<string>("column_1")).Distinct();
List<string> myList = new List<string>();
myList =uniqueList.ToList();

DataTable[] array = new DataTable[myList.Count()];
int index = 0;
foreach (string item in myList)
    var Result =  from x in dtAllData.AsEnumerable()
                  where x.Field<string>("column_1") == item
                  select x;
    DataTable table = Result.CopyToDataTable();
    array[index] = table;

So the array contains 3 datatables with different values of column_1

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