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I have two weka Instances classes. I am trying to identify attributes in one that have the same name as attributes in the other. However, using:

if (testing.attribute(i).name() == training.attribute(j).name())

raises False for every attribute. Here are the arff files for each. As you can see, both contain attr1,attr2, and attr3.

@relation SampleTrain3Attributes
@attribute attr1 numeric
@attribute attr2 {a,b,c}
@attribute attr3 numeric

@relation SampleTest5Attributes
@attribute attr1 numeric
@attribute attr2 {a,b,c}
@attribute attr3 numeric
@attribute attr4 {d,e,f}
@attribute attr5 numeric

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You need to compare the strings themselves, not the references to them --

if (testing.attribute(i).name().equals(training.attribute(j).name()))
share|improve this answer returns a String. When comparing Strings using ==, you're comparing references. In general this yields only true if the references are identical, i.e., point to the exact same object. If you want to check whether they have identical contents, use String.equals(), i.e.,

if (testing.attribute(i).name().equals(training.attribute(j).name()))
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Thank you. I did not realize that. – Adam_G Feb 27 '13 at 17:30

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