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I have got a SQL-Table were eache line consists a singel Value of some kind of Virtuel-Tabel - means the real existig SQL-Table looks like this:

|DataRecordset | DataField | DataValue  |
| 1            | Firstname | John       |
| 1            | Lastname  | Smith      |
| 1            | Birthday  | 18.12.1963 |
| 2            | Firstname | Jane       |
| 2            | Lastname  | Smith      |
| 2            | Birthday  | 14.06.1975 |

and I need to get something that feels like this:

| Firstname | Lastname | Birthday   |
| John      | Smith    | 18.12.1963 |
| Jane      | Smith    | 14.06.1975 |

the reason why the real existing SQL-Table is stored like the first one is, that there are a lot more information around the core-data... like who write the data... when was the data written... from which to which time was the data significant... so there are a lot of diffrent variabels which decides which line from the first table i use to generate the second one.

I created a User-Defined-Tabletype on the SQL-Server which looks like the second table.

Then i start writing a procedure...

DECLARE @secondTable secondTable_Typ

DECLARE firstTable_Cursor CURSOR FOR SELECT DataRecordset, ... WHERE...lot of Text
OPEN firstTable_Cursor

FETCH NEXT FROM firstTable_Cursor
INTO @DataRecordset, @...


  IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM @secondTable WHERE DataRecordset= @DataRecordset)

the Problem i have... now i need some kind of dynamic Query, because i want do something like this:

INSERT INTO @secondTable (DataRecordset, @DataField ) VALUES (@DataRecordset, @DataValue)

but i cant use the variable @DataField like this... so i used google and found the function sp_executesql... i wrote the following code:

SET @sqlString = 'INSERT INTO @xsecondTable  (DataRecordset, ' + @DataField + ') VALUES (@xDataRecordset, @xDataValue)'
EXEC sp_executesql @sqlString, N'@xsecondTable secondTable_Typ, @xDataRecordset smallint, @xDataValue sql_variant', @secondTable , @DataRecordset, @DataValue

but when i run the procedure i got an error that means i have to add a parameter "READONLY" to "@xsecondTable"...

i think the problem is, that sp_executesql can use variables as input or as outup... but i am not shure if its possiple to get this user defined table type into this procedure...

someone any idea how to get this code to run?

thank you very much

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i know some exampels where user-defined-tabletypes are used whith this function... but they were are marked with READONLY and just do some SELECT... – user2111880 Feb 27 '13 at 13:35
What sql-server version are you using? – Arion Feb 27 '13 at 13:41
I use SQL-Server Version 2012 – user2111880 Apr 3 '13 at 8:03
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Have you considered doing a PIVOT on the data? Something along the lines of:

  , [Lastname]
  , [Birthday]
          , [DataField]
          , [DataValue]
        FROM [Table]
    ) DATA
        MIN ([DataValue]) FOR [DataField] IN
          , [Lastname]
          , [Birthday]
    ) PVT
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AWESOME! - It works! - Thank you very much :) – user2111880 Mar 25 '13 at 8:15
Pleasure, glad I could help. :) – FarligOpptreden Mar 25 '13 at 8:20
Hello, just one little additional question: Is there an opportunity to add a "DataRecordset" column in the final table? - Thank you very much. – user2111880 Apr 3 '13 at 6:50

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